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  • Rocca Della Guaita - a great photo opportunity while on your San Marino vacation.
  • Streets and buildings of San Marino
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  • The old town at night
  • San Marino attracts more than 3 million people annually
  • San Marino Vacations

San Marino is the third smallest country in Europe with only Vatican City and Monaco being smaller. The country is 20 times bigger than Monaco and half the size of Liechtenstein. It has no flat ground and is entirely composed of hilly terrain as you will see on your San Marino vacation. The few towns here are dotted around the mountainsides. It is among the world’s oldest republics and retains much of its historic architecture. The official date of the founding of what is now known as the Republic is 301 AD. Surrounded by Italy, San Marino has no formal entry requirements for stays of less than 10 days. 

The capital of San Marino is itself called the City of San Marino but is only the 3rd largest town after Dogana and. Borgo Maggiore. It sits on the slopes of San Marino’s highest mountain, Monte Titano. Both the capital and the mountain are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The City of San Marino is known for its medieval walled old town and narrow cobblestone streets. On San Marino vacations, one of the most interesting landmarks in the whole country is 3 distinct towers perched on 3 peaks overlooking the city on Monte Titano, castle-like citadels dating back to the 11th century. They are known as the Three Towers of San Marino. Two of the towers had formerly been prisons and the third is now a museum. Of these, two are open to the public. Other sights to view in the city are the Basilica di San Marino, its principal church and the Palazzo Pubblico, the town hall with its battlements and clock tower. 


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Consider an additional stopover to your San Marino Tours on one of Goway's other European tours. You can also choose from a London vacation, an Amsterdam vacation or a Paris vacation. This can be done stopping over en route to or from San Marino.



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