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Goway History Timeline

  • Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo opened the same year as Goway
  • Goway's first logo. The flying "G" is still used today
  • Goway staff and industry friends party in Sydney in 2010
  • Goway started in the #1 apartment in the above building in Toronto
  • Goway staff celebrate Australia winning the America's Cup
Goway gave away hundreds of CDs celebrating 40th anniversary
Goway gave away hundreds of CDs celebrating 40th anniversary

Also see A Brief History: Goway's Early Days and The World of Travel in 1970


  • Bruce Hodge immigrates to Canada and starts Goway Travel in an apartment (shared by three others) in Toronto. The company promotes European Camping Tours for 18-30's; Adventures in Australia & Overland expeditions across Asia and Africa


  • Shares downtown office space with another travel company
  • Installs a telex machine to replace telegram reservations
  • First brochure - one colour on a Tourism Board shell folder


  • Pioneer and first operator of overland camping tours in Canada & America. The first "Canada-USA" trip was in a station wagon
  • Occupies own office wholly

Young Adult Adventures was the brand we used in the 70's to attract Globetrotting travellers. The caption read, "the most exciting trips in the world geared to the young and adventurous."


  • Ontario Travel Industry Act requires industry to be licensed & contribute to a compensation fund 1974
  • Obtains IATA (International Air Transport Association) accreditation to be able to issue airline tickets


  • First two colour brochure (orange & black) - "Young Adult Adventures" worldwide
  • Starts South American overland tours with bus imported from Britain


  • First full colour brochures- Goway's "AMERICAS" & "Young Adult Adventures"


  • Opens office in Vancouver


  • Operates first fully escorted tour to Fiji, New Zealand & Australia. This evolved into Goway's exclusive Holidays of a Lifetime
  • First DOWNUNDER brochure with the distinctive upside down DOWNUNDER trademark
Barbara Norton
Barbara Norton

Goway's first female tour guide in 1984. She now runs the company's GroupsOnly division


  • Hires first female tour leader for "Young Adult Adventures"
  • Purchases first computers and signs on for a GDS system to make computerized air reservations


  • Installs fax machine to modernize reservations & communications


  • Opens office in Sydney Australia
  • Winds down South American operation
  • Merges Canada-USA program with competitor. As "AmeriCanAdventures" operates 55 mini buses throughout Alaska, Canada, USA & Mexico
  • GowayGroups, (now GROUPSOnly by Goway), established to specialize exclusively in designing and operating group travel arrangements
In 1986 Goway stops operating 3 month journey through South America
In 1986 Goway stops operating 3 month journey through South America


  • Goway benefits as Australia celebrates bi-centenary enhancing it as a travel destination


  • First Orient-Asia only brochure created (in middle of Tian An Men Square revolt)


  • Air consolidating division GowayAir created to sell "special airfares" for leading airlines


  • Purchases "strata" title to half our floor in downtown Sydney office building
Goway buys head office building in 1994. Today it is painted "Outback Red"
Goway buys head office building in 1994. Today it is painted "Outback Red"


  • Purchases own office building in Toronto
  • Joins U.S.T.O.A. (United States Tour Operators Association) with requirement to post a $1 million bond


  • Goway.com created


  • First Africa only brochure printed


  • Opens USA office in Los Angeles
  • IslandsEscapes created to specialize in idyllic escape packages to the world's most exotic islands


  • Olympics in Sydney boosts Goway's profile as a specialist Australian tour operator and wholesaler
  • Goway celebrates 30th anniversary with a spectacular gala event
The first edition of Globetrotting Magazine
The first edition of Globetrotting Magazine


  • September 11, 2001 shakes world & the travel industry


  • AFRICAExperts created to specifically concentrate only on travel to Africa


  • Globetrotting by Goway magazine first edition printed for winter 2003-2004
  • Purchases "strata" title to remaining half of 8th floor in Sydney office


  • Company makes its biggest ever investment in technology
  • Goway purchases boutique worldwide adventure specialist AdventuresIncorporated


  • The Great Recession begins and lingers for years


  • Launch of new company reservation system
  • Company makes major investment in upgrading telephone system to VOIP


  • Special Events by Goway opens
  • Completes another full circle by opening Latin America Experts division
In 2010 Goway gives away 40 fabulous trips for 2
In 2010 Goway gives away 40 fabulous trips for 2


  • Goway celebrates 40th anniversary with big parties in Toronto, Vancouver & Sydney
  • In celebration Goway gives away 40 trips for two worth over US$250,000 over 40 weeks
  • Latin America Experts becomes the newest specialist long-haul division


  • Inspite of the effects of the Great Recession, Goway continues to invest heavily in technology


  • Unofficially launches "New" www.goway.com


  • Ebola causes major decline in Africa business. Some staff and resources are redeployed to develop destination Europe products.




  • Bruce Hodge receives the 'W.H. Baxter Lifetime Achievement Award' at Baxter Media Travel Agents Choice Awards



  • Planning begins for Goway’s Golden 50 year Anniversary in 2020 to be bigger & better than 2010


  • Covid 19 Pandemic strikes, making travel Industry one of the hardest hit
  • Company retreats with (lay off etc.) into “Fortress Goway”
  • Following principle “never waste a crisis” Goway invests in infrastructure & technology
  • 50th Anniversary celebrations cancelled


  • Covid 19 Pandemic challenge continues
  • Destinations USA & Canada program soft launched, meaning Goway now offers the whole world
  • Goway Australia partners with Pacific Destinations New Zealand to enhance product line


  • Pandemic and it’s hangover impacts return and normality
  • Barbara Norton (see 1984) retires
  • Bruce Hodge receives “Friends of Australia” Award from Tourism Australia
  • He is also inducted into the Canadian Travel Hall of Fame


  • Goway Australia forms business relationship with ACROSS Inbound who specialise in French market
  • Pandemic hangover lingers







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